“But I don’t have time for anything but study…”

Do you feel as though you couldn’t possibly fit in a workout every day? Do you think that you can’t afford to lose valuable study time by exercising? THAT’S NOT THE CASE! The key is to making exercise part of your life, part of your daily routine.

It’s important to have a routine, particularly when studying.  As Geoff Brennan (Kilkenny Hurler) mentions here in his video interview, breaks can be used for training or exercise and when one returns to study after exercise, they feel refreshed and their brains are ready for action!


Example of a healthy evening’s routine:

4.00: Come home and have a snack (avoid that urge to nap…we know the bed looks super comfy, but it’s never worth it!)

4.30: Homework/study


7.30: Dinner

8:00: Homework/study

10.00: Break/TV

11.00: Bed (NOW you can sleep! 🙂 )

Of course, this may not be possible every day but with time, routine becomes second nature and exercise can become part of your life!

So…you have a 1 hour break to shake out those legs and get the oxygen pumping around the body. What can you do?! Below is an example of a simple 45 minute workout that incorporates cardiovascular work with muscular strength and endurance that will have you feeling reenergised and ready to get back to the books.

5 minutes: Walk/light jog and stretches

10 minutes: Brisk walk/light jog

10 push ups

10 burpees

Plank (30 seconds)

20 squats

2 minute break (be sure to drink plenty water)

10 minutes: Brisk walk/light jog

Side plank (L)

20 sit ups

Side plank (R)

15 squat jumps very light jog/walk for 2 minutes followed by stretches

2 minute break

6 minutes: Intervals – (High intensity jog for 1 minute followed by low intensity jog/walk for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times)

4 minutes: Cool down – light jog/walk for 1/2 minutes and stretch

Again, this is just an example of a workout you could do with no equipment needed…just your mobile phone as a stopwatch! Being only 45 minutes long, you’ll have time for a quick shower before you return to the books.

It might be a good idea to listen to some music as you work out in order to motivate yourself. Put together a playlist of songs that are upbeat or perhaps have inspiring lyrics. Take a look at this link to see some women’s exercise playlists for some ideas! (http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/workout-music)

Study AND exercise are important…so make time!

“Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get up and do anything to make it happen.”



Welcome to Exerstudy!


So, the countdown to the big LC is well and truly underway. You’re up the walls and you’re worried that you know exactly how many floorboards are in your study room, that last night you dreamt of Macbeth and Mairtín Ó Díreáin taking a trip to the Mezzogiorno, that you’re only means of social contact is Facebook and that if you got a euro every time you underlined something in red in your notes copy, you’d be so rich you wouldn’t even have to think about doing your Leaving Cert.

It’s a stressful time, but that’s NOT to say that everything but study needs to be neglected until the end of June when the inevitable exam weather fizzles away, the clouds turn grey once again but you see the light with the burning of the pages and pages of notes taken over the past 2 years. Most importantly, EXERCISE cannot be neglected. We, as soon-to-be Physical Education teachers, as girls who have been stuck in the Leaving-Cert-rut, believe that exercise can only help exam performance and study. In this blog, we will give you advice and tips on how to strike a balance between exercise and academia and highlight the importance of this. And you don’t just have to take our word for it, we will be posting video interviews with a number of elite athletes who maintained a high level of physical activity throughout their Leaving Cert.

We cannot study for you. We cannot exercise for you. Only YOU can be the author of your own story. But we can give you the support you need to help you make the right decisions…the healthy decisions. Starting right now.

Your future is determined on what you do today, not tomorrow